All the fun of the fair.

It’s that time of year when the fair comes to town. Like clockwork it comes every year at the start of October, it’s an assault on the senses and the mind.

There is a time and place for speeding up (and feeling the buzz from high octane activity) and for slowing down. Autumn is that time, a period of transition, its a time for self-nourishment and reflection.

The season of autumn invites us to explore an inward and introspective energy both on and off our yoga mats. This is a time of year where we slow down, contemplate, and experience gratitude, abundance, and letting go. Just as we might surrender to seasonal shifts, eat according to the season and find the best teas to warm you we may also try to surrender just a little more in our practice by slowing down our Asana, and perhaps we take a few extra deliberate slow breaths. Yoga happens when we take the time to be present with the practices and with our life.