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Yoga tip I, like many others at times practice yoga in my bedroom and especially in the winter months often start with wearing the fluffiest and comfiest socks I can find. Aside from maximum comfort they are completely impractical! 

Within a class setting there are often many thoughts rapid cycling, thoughts like ‘am I going to be able to do this? Will I look silly?’ And more relevant to this post ‘My feet are…..’ usually followed by a list of negative adjectives.

But here’s the yoga tip, socks interfere with a physical and a spiritual grounding. Yoga is about energy and connection, our feet draw energy upwards from the earth and downwards. According to yoga philosophy, we have chakras (or energy centres) that represent different qualities and characteristics within us. When we practise barefoot, one of the primary chakras called the muladhara (root chakra) which sits at the base of the spine is activated, and it’s this energy centre that helps create and sustain a sense of belonging and confidence. 

With around 200,000 nerve endings in each foot this is a very sensitive part of the body. So, let’s ditch the socks, ego and ‘hang-ups’ and maximise our grounding, balance and sensory input.