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Be comfortable with yourself

Patanjali defines the state of yoga as ‘cessation of identification with the fluctuations of mind’. He says through practice and non-attachment we will be able to stop identifying with our thoughts and be able to see the true reality of who we are. Be comfortable with yourself.

So how do we do this? We can start right here, get comfy and come to a seated position. Find some space in your body and allow your mind to fill with thoughts and then sit with these thoughts. Take a note of your reaction and then let it go, then take another note of your next reaction and once again let that go. After time what is not useful to you anymore will perhaps fall away and what is useful will return. Eventually you may start to see your true self rather than this collection of all the things that run wild in your mind, often these are the unhelpful stories and narratives that so often do not serve us well.

What is needed to sit with something difficult is ‘non-attachment’ or detachment. It’s facing something (even positive) and not becoming attached so that it comes to be part of the way you see or define yourself.

There is only one asana and this is the relationship with yourself, becoming comfortable with yourself, with your body and your mind is the work!