Ganesh the elephant-headed god

Tonight we explored the challenges and embraced the wobbles of Half Moon Pose.

Ganesh the elephant-headed god is generous, clever and enjoys everything sweet. Despite his love of sugary foods, he is also a master of yoga, taking after his Father Shiva. Ganesh knows how to balance indulgences and austerities.

On one of Ganesh’s exploits he consumed so many sweet cakes that his belly was full to bursting. He headed home on a tiny mouse. Practicing extraordinary balance. Suddenly a cobra slithered onto their path and frightened the mouse. Ganesh fell, when he hit the ground, his overstuffed belly exploded and sweet cakes rained everywhere.

The moon, Chandra, who was watching the burst into laughter. Ganesh was very upset to be the object of Chandra’s laughter and in a fit of anger broke off his right tusk and hurled it at the moon. Chandra’s light went out. With no night, no dawn and no dusk, love was lost to the world. There was unhappiness.

Ganesh, later convinced by the people, allowed the moon to shine once more, but it would be required to wax and to wane, shining its full potential only once every four weeks. This would be a permanent lesson for the moon.

The moral of which is learning to find the joy in the shade and lunar parts of our life as well as the joy in the brighter parts of our existence.